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THE SON OF GOD MOVIE & others like it

Let me begin by expressing that this is not a review of a movie. This is a reminder of a true story. The story of Jesus Christ has many different chapters. Obviously the most renowned part of the life of Christ is the last twelve hours of His life on this earth. Due to the fact that Jesus dying on the cross of Calvary changed mans opportunity for eternal destiny forever. Without the Son of God being crucified all of mankind would have been lost forever. This is a great sacrifice that our Lord gave for all of His creation. The plan of salvation is predicated upon Christ dying on the cross in Golgotha.


There has been a lot of newly found interest brought on by the most resent version of the Ministry of Christ on the big screen. Like other movies before it like the Passion of the Christ, there may be a lot of criticism due to the accusation of the anti-Semitism. But the truth be told, it does not really matter who ordered Christ to die. Jesus dying on the cross for you and me was inevitable. This was Gods plan from the very beginning. I think that any time something can be done to raise awareness of God, Jesus, and the plan that has been forged we need to take advantage of every opportunity.


Obviously, there were things that occurred in the movie that is not found in scripture. But one thing that we need to keep in mind, this is an artistic view of the story. This movie and others like it will open up doors of opportunity that will come our way. People who have not spent a lot of time in scripture are going to turn to those who have, with questions. We need to be ready and prepared to answer those questions. This was a powerful movie. And many lessons can be learned from this whole experience. I don't mean to come across sounding like a movie critic. I saw the movie, and I'm glad I saw it, but the BOOK…THE BIBLE is better.

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