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Saint Patricks Day Identity Crisis

March 17, 2014

Who is Saint Patrick?

Every March 17th we gear up for a day of wearing green for fear of getting pinched if we don't. So why do we wear green? Who is this Saint Patrick that gets his own day anyway? Well I hate to bust your bubble but Patrick was not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint, and he wasn't even Irish! Patrick was British. A hundred years from now what will people be saying about you? Will they get it right? Or do you think history will distort the truth of your life and the things that you had set out to accomplish. 

Lets face it as time fades away, sometimes history fades the truth of what really happened way back in the year 2014! Philippians 3:13,14 tells us to forget about what's behind us, Press on towards the Goal of being with Christ one day!  remember that we live faithfully here today so that we can live eternally in Heaven when this life is over. But we need to be true to ourselves. Not to get bogged down by things of this world, because this is such a temporary existence. 

What do you want to be remembered for? What qualities of your life do you want people to recall after we're gone from this world? Do you want them to remember you as you are today? Or do you think that they will have to start making up things to keep us relivent? Make your mark and be the best Mom or Dad, son or daughter, or the best friend to others that you can be. What ever your doing good, do more. Now you and I probably wouldn't agree with Patricks Theology. But recognize that Saint Patrick went back to school for 15 years before going back into the the mission field in Ireland. We have to put in the effort in order to conquer the day and make our Mark or our Master. #All4Him

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