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A Note to Mothers

Need More than One Day

While it is wonderful that we set aside one day to especially honor mothers, let us reflect for a moment on all of the things mothers do for us.  First of all, they bring us into the world that is certainly not easy.  Then they spend the next two decades preparing meals, solving problems, kissing boo-boos, helping us learn everything from how to brush our teeth to how to navigate the difficulties of the real world.”  They spend the rest of their lives fretting and worrying about us.  They care for us in a way that is beyond words.  They sacrifice for us in ways beyond words.  Their influence is so powerful that it stays with us always.  I propose that one day is not enough.  One day is nice, but it is not enough. So while we take this day to especially honor mothers, let us think of it as a planning day.  How can we honor our mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and aunts each and every day?  How can we recognize their special contributions to our lives every day?  Let us take a moment to jot down five ways we can truly honor mothers, from our own mothers to the young mothers in your congregation, to the mothers who might be missing their grown up kids, to mothers who may have passed away. Now, let us make a commitment to honor these women every day of the year because one day is not enough!


Just the other day I was told that there is nothing as strong as the love of a mother. I once heard a story about a third grade class that studied a lesson on a six letter word that starts with the letter "M" that picks up things. The teacher asked one little boy in the back of the room what the answer was? He replied, "Mother." We all know that mothers do much more than that. I just wanted to say thank you to all of our Mothers. 

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